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Approach to scoring and ranking

For the 2018 U.S. Index, the Corporate and Product Profile scores and rankings are presented as separate outcomes. Based on the Corporate and Product Profile scores, as described below and rounded to one decimal, rankings are calculated.

Overall Corporate Profile score

Several steps are followed to arrive at a company’s overall Corporate Profile score. First, each applicable indicator is scored. Companies can score between ten, if they achieve best practice as defined by the methodology, to zero if they provide no information or have very poor practice. A so-called ‘healthy multiplier’ is applied to any scores for commitments or performance indicators that refer to ‘healthy’ products. The multiplier is derived from the company’s score on Criteria B2 (but is not the actual score) and ranges between 1 (no multiplier) and 2 (for companies that score more than 75% on B2).

Second, indicator types are weighted using the following weights: commitment indicators (25%), performance indicators (50%), disclosure indicators (25%). Performance indicators are given twice the weight of Commitment and Disclosure indicators to reinforce the importance of turning commitments into practice. After adding all indicator scores within each of the 19 criteria, the company score within a single criteria is the actual score divided by the total possible score, represented as a percentage. Third, category scores are calculated as the equally weighted average of the criteria scores within each category.

Finally, the Corporate Profile score is calculated as the weighted average of the category scores (Category A Governance 12.5%, Category B Products 27.5%, Category C Accessibility 22.5%, Category D Marketing 22.5%, Category E Lifestyle 5%, Category F Labeling 5%, Category G Engagement 5%). The weights of the seven category scores within the final Corporate Profile score were determined based on consensus within the U.S. Expert Group, after careful consideration of the relative importance of the topics addressed in the categories, and adapting the weighting compared to the Global Index as described previously.

Product Profile score

For the U.S. Index 2018, the largest five product categories by sales value of the ten companies are assessed, which cover the vast majority of U.S. sales and avoids including niche products that account for low levels of sales. Nutrition data held in the FoodSwitch USA database was used, supplemented with information submitted by the companies that engaged with ATNF. First, the average HSR score per product category is calculated. Second, the sales-weighted HSR score per company is calculated based on product category sales data. Each company’s Product Profile score is then calculated by doubling the sales-weighted HSR score (a maximum of 5) simply to arrive at a score out of ten so that it can be compared more easily to the Corporate Profile score, which also has a maximum of ten.

Improving nutrition for all

The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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