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The U.S. Access to Nutrition Index is designed to serve as a private sector accountability tool. It aims to fill critical knowledge gaps about the performance of the ten largest food and beverage manufacturers in contributing to addressing the high rates of obesity and diet-related disease in the United States. It is also intended to spur ‘healthy competition’ among companies to improve their scores and ranking in each Index – which may in turn create healthier businesses and healthy returns to investors.

ATNF intends to publish a U.S. Spotlight Index every two years, to drive change in the U.S. food and beverage manufacturing sector. The companies included in the Index are encouraged to engage as much as possible with ATNF in order to learn from the analysis and, for future Indexes, to provide as much information as possible so that their scores accurately reflect the full range of their actions to address obesity, diet-related diseases and food insecurity in the United States.

ATNF will follow its standard process following publication of the U.S. Index. A range of stakeholder consultations will be held to gather feedback on the results of the Index and how the methodology for each of the elements could be improved. ATNF will develop proposals for how this could be done and discuss and iterate them with the U.S. Expert Group. Once final revisions are agreed, this methodology document will be updated, as will the data-gathering platform, ready for research for the second U.S. Index to begin. This cycle will continue following the publication of each Index.

Improving nutrition for all

The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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