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The 2016 India Spotlight Index ranked 10 of India’s largest food and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers, including companies that are publicly listed, privately owned or cooperatives. These companies were selected on the basis of their Indian revenues in FY2014 (using Euromonitor data). Together these companies account for sales of INR 869 177 million, around 31% of the total sales of major food and beverage companies in India.

Of the 10 manufacturers selected by the 2016 India Spotlight Index, most sell a range of food and beverage products (Britannia Industries, Nestlé India, PepsiCo India and Hindustan Unilever), two are primarily dairy producers (Amul and Mother Dairy), two are largely confectionary companies (Mondelez India and Parle Products), one produces mostly beverages (Coca-Cola India) and one sells predominantly edible oils (Ruchi Soya).

Five of the ten companies are multinationals with global headquarters in Europe or the US. The other five are Indian-based companies whose ownership ranges from publicly traded companies (Britannia Industries, Ruchi Soya), privately owned companies (Parle Products) to cooperatives (Amul). Mother Dairy has a unique status, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board.

In addition to the companies that are scored and ranked in the India Spotlight Index, four more companies (Adani, Cargill, ITC and Nandini) that manufacture and fortify dairy, oil and wheat products were approached to be interviewed about their fortification activities and efforts to tackle undernutrition. The purpose was to learn more about what these companies were doing to fortify these staples and disseminate that knowledge through this report. These four have not been scored and ranked but throughout the report, references are made to their fortification/undernutrition practices. Also Ruchi Soya was not scored and ranked because the company’s product offering is highly concentrated around oils and fats. Thus not all sections on the methodology Corporate Profile (Category B, Category C nutrition general and Category D) nor the Product Profile were applicable.

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