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India was selected as a Spotlight Country as it has a rapidly developing Food & Beverage sector and it suffers from the double burden of malnutrition. Both protein-energy deficiency and micronutrient deficiency are widespread in India. India contains about 40% of the world’s stunted children under the age of 5 and nearly 50 percent of the wasted children (UNICEF 2013). Based on UNICEF information, stunting had fallen from 48 percent in 2005–2006 to 39 percent in 2014.  

ATNF visited India during the development of the Indexes in 2011 to solicit input from stakeholders on the concept and on how the India Index should be designed. In November 2013 the ATNF team again visited the country to update companies and stakeholders on the launch of the Global Index and the work done to pilot the ATNI approach in India. This included pilot Product Profiling research that evaluated the nutritional value of half of all products offered by the ten largest Food & Beverage manufacturers the Indian market.

During 2015, ATNF is revising the methodology that will be used to evaluate companies included in the India Index. ATNF visited India several times and held consultations with Indian stakeholders about how the India Index might be designed and structured to be of most value to stakeholders in the country. The research will take place during 2016 and the Index was published on December 14 2016. Please visit the India Spotlight Index page for further information. 

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