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Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V.

6 (2015)





Product Profile


Nutrition General

A Governance (12.5%)
B Products (25%)
C Accessibility (20%)
D Marketing (20%)
E Lifestyles (2.5%)
F Labeling (15%)
G Engagement (5%)


A Governance (12.5%)
B Products (25%)
C Accessibility (20%)
D Marketing (20%)
E Lifestyles (2.5%)
F Labeling (15%)
G Engagement (5%)

Corporate Profile

# of employees
Market capitalization
$10,647 m
Reported product categories
Bakery, Confectionery, Dried and Frozen Processed Food, Snacks
Total revenues*
$12,185 m
Reported revenue by geography**
Not available
* Source: Morningstar, USD historic exchange rate ** Source: Morningstar

Main areas of strength

• Grupo Bimbo’s score has increased from 3.6 in 2016 to 5.0 out of 10 in 2018. The largest increase in scores are in Category C (accessibility and affordability of healthy products) and Category F (labeling).
• Since the last Index, Grupo Bimbo has updated its Health and Wellness strategy including its 2020 goals. Its strategy, ‘A Sustainable Way’ includes global, clear and measurable 2020 objectives related to product reformulation, nutrition information, responsible marketing, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and alliances and research. The accountability for the strategy rests with the executive team.
• The company has formalized its commitment and objectives to address the accessibility and affordability of its healthy products in a global policy. The strategy is based on studies on appropriate pricing of healthy products for low-income populations in multiple countries, both developed and developing. Grupo Bimbo is also one of the few companies that can provide examples across several markets of improving the pricing of healthy products (based on the company’s own definition of healthy) and offering discounts on these products.
• Grupo Bimbo has significantly strengthened its labeling commitments related to micronutrients, and the use of health and nutrition claims for fortified products targeted at consumers at risk of undernutrition. This helped it achieve a full score on Category F for undernutrition. In ‘A Sustainable Way’, Grupo Bimbo commits that, in the absence of regulation, it will base its fortification on Codex standards and will adopt the best practices of the countries in which it operates.

Priority areas for improvement

• Grupo Bimbo has metrics in place to calculate the proportion of its product portfolio that meets its healthy standards. However, these calculations cover only 80% of its sales. The company should expand its calculations to cover all markets and thus provide consumers and stakeholders with a complete picture of the nutrient profile of its product portfolio.
• Grupo Bimbo’s targets for sodium, sugars and saturated fats are focused only on specific product categories. The company should expand these targets to cover its entire portfolio and strengthen its positive nutrient targets, and set baseline and target years, and the percentage coverage of products.
• Even though the company strengthened its responsible marketing commitments to all consumers, these remain limited and do not specify which media they apply to. The company should commit to supporting the principles of the ICC. This would have positive impact on its marketing to children commitments which still remain rather limited compared to some of its peers.
• Grupo Bimbo’s commercial undernutrition strategy is mostly focused on lower-priority countries without explicit focus on priority groups. Greater emphasis could be placed on addressing the needs of women of childbearing and children under-two in higher priority countries.
• As identified in the 2016 Global Index, Grupo Bimbo focuses on active lifestyle programs but little emphasis is placed on programs that promote healthy eating and nutrition education. The company could add to its active lifestyle programs elements to help consumers make healthy diet choices.
• Grupo Bimbo ranks eighth on the Product Profile assessment with a score of 5.5 out of 10, based on an assessment of its major product categories in four countries. Grupo Bimbo was estimated to derive 41% of its total sales from healthy products, i.e. those that achieve a HSR of 3.5 stars or more. These findings illustrate that Grupo Bimbo has significant scope to improve the healthiness of its portfolio through product reformulation, innovation and/or acquisitions or disposals.

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