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General Mills, Inc.

10 (2015)

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Product Profile


Nutrition General

A Governance (12.5%)
B Products (25%)
C Accessibility (20%)
D Marketing (20%)
E Lifestyles (2.5%)
F Labeling (15%)
G Engagement (5%)


Corporate Profile

# of employees
Market capitalization
$35,827 m
Reported product categories
Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Meal Replacement, Pasta, Ready Meals, Snacks, Soup, Concentrates
Total revenues*
$16,563 m
Reported revenue by geography**
North America 72%, Rest of World 28%
* Source: Morningstar, USD historic exchange rate ** Source: Morningstar

Main areas of strength

• General Mills’ nutrition programs are subject to executive oversight via its Board-level Public Responsibility Committee, and overall nutrition responsibility is allocated to the CEO. The company commits to play a role in tackling the global challenges of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases, supports the priorities of the WHO Global Action Plan, and nutrition-related SDGs.
• General Mills participates in a number of marketing pledges such as IFBA, the EU Pledge and the Canada Pledge. In the U.S. it participates in CFBAI and supports the CARU Guidelines. The company does not market to children under the age of six, with a threshold audience of 35%, and restricts its marketing activities in schools, including secondary schools.
• The company participates in multiple labeling initiatives including IFBA globally and Facts Up Front in the U.S.

Priority areas for improvement

• General Mills’ score has decreased from 2.5 in 2016 to 2.3 out of 10 in 2018 and it has dropped in ranking from tenth to fifteenth place. Although the company participated in the ATNI research process and provided some information on request, it provided insufficient evidence to allow a full evaluation of its performance. Publishing or sharing more information would allow ATNF to present a more complete assessment of its policies and practices.
• Similar to 2016, the company applies its product reformulation targets only in its major markets. Further, the company reports only retrospectively on the percentage of products that have met certain nutrient thresholds. The company is encouraged to adopt a robust NPS, to define a comprehensive set of reformulation targets based on clear nutritional criteria, and to report regularly on its progress.
• The company’s score on marketing has decreased significantly, as it publishes limited commitments related to responsible marketing to all consumers and it did not share a policy with ATNF that met the ATNI’s methodology requirements. To strengthen its performance, General Mills is encouraged to adopt a comprehensive global policy and publish it.
• The scope of the company’s commitments on responsible marketing techniques differs by geographic region, with relatively strong commitments in the U.S. compared to its global (IFBA pledge) commitments. The company could strengthen its approach by applying its comprehensive U.S. commitments on responsible marketing techniques globally.
• General Mills ranks ninth on the Product Profile with a score of 5.2 out of 10, based on an assessment of its major product categories in nine countries. General Mills was estimated to derive only 20% of its total sales in 2016 from healthy products, i.e. products with an HSR or 3.5 or more. These findings illustrate that General Mills has significant scope to improve the healthiness of its portfolio through product reformulation, innovation or other means.

Improving nutrition for all

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