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16 (2015)

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Nutrition General

A Governance (12.5%)
B Products (25%)
C Accessibility (20%)
D Marketing (20%)
E Lifestyles (2.5%)
F Labeling (15%)
G Engagement (5%)


Corporate Profile

# of employees
Market capitalization
$17,213 m
Reported product categories
Bakery, Canned / Preserved Food, Confectionery, Oils and Fats, Pasta, Ready Meals, Sauces, Snacks
Total revenues*
$11,643 m
Reported revenue by geography**
Not available
* Source: Morningstar, USD historic exchange rate ** Source: Morningstar

Main areas of strength

• ConAgra Brands’ score increased slightly from 1.4 in the 2016 Global Index to 1.5 out of 10 in the 2018 Global Index and it maintained its sixteenth place in the ranking.
• ConAgra Brands’ ‘Citizenship Strategy’ incorporates a commitment to, “make safe, delicious, affordable and nutritious foods while providing the information to make choices for a healthy lifestyle.” The company focuses its health and nutrition activities around three focus areas - portion and calorie control, dietary variety and heart health.
• In the U.S., ConAgra Brands participates in the Children’s Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI) and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU). ConAgra Brands does not market to children under the age of six where children make up more than 35% of the audience.
• In the U.S., ConAgra Brands continues to be committed to provide both back-of-pack (BOP) and front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labeling. Its BOP labeling includes all key nutrients recommended by the Codex Guidelines on Nutrition Labeling. Information is provided on the basis of recommended daily values. Furthermore, ConAgra Brands labels its products according to the ‘Facts Up Front’ program in its home market – the U.S., which is an industry designed and run labeling system displaying some nutrition information on the front of food and beverage packages.

Priority areas for improvement

• Since the 2016 Index, ConAgra Brands has made a few improvements to its approach to tackling health and nutrition challenges, reflected in the minor improvement in its score. As the company did not engage with ATNF during the research phase its score is based only on published information.
• The company lacks a Board-approved nutrition policy with measurable objectives on a broad range of nutrition-related topics. It does not appear to assign formal oversight for nutrition to the Board of Directors or CEO.
• As in the previous Index, ConAgra Brands does not appear to have a Nutrient Profiling System (NPS). It therefore lacks an effective framework to guide its product reformulation and R&D. The company could strengthen its performance by setting targets to reduce levels of negative nutrients and to increase positive nutrients in relevant products.
• The company does not emphasize healthy products in its activities to improve access to food. As one of the company’s important business lines is to manufacture foods sold under retailers’ own brand names, often at relatively low prices, this is an area ConAgra Brands should focus on as a priority.
• Commitments and examples of activities related to affordability and accessibility of healthy products, health and nutrition claims, support for healthy lifestyles and stakeholder engagement remain limited or non-existent.
• ConAgra Brands ranks shared fifth in the Product Profile with a score of 5.8 out of 10, based on an assessment of its major product categories in five countries. ConAgra Brands was estimated to derive 45% of its total 2016 sales from healthy products, i.e. those that achieve a Health Star Rating (HSR) of 3.5 stars or more. These findings illustrate that while ConAgra Brands’ portfolio comprises a relatively high proportion of healthy products, it has scope to improve further through product reformulation, innovation and/or acquisitions or disposals.

Improving nutrition for all

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