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16 (2013)

Corporate Profile

A Governance (12.5%)
B Products (25%)
C Accessibility (20%)
D Marketing (20%)
E Lifestyles (2.5%)
F Labeling (15%)
G Engagement (5%)
Highest score among rated companies
The percentages in parentheses indicate the weight assigned to each Category
Market capitalization
Private Company
# of employees
Total revenues*
Not disclosed
Reported product categories
Confectionery; Ice Cream; Pasta; Ready Meals; Sauces; Dressings and Condiments; Snack Bars; Soup; Coffee; Tea; Other hot drinks; Other
Reported revenue by geography**
Not disclosed
* Source: Capital IQ, USD exchange rate as of 31 Dec 2014 ** Source: Capital IQ

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Corporate Profile

  • Governance

    Overall scores
    Rank 9
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Strategy 2.813 0.936729
    Management 4.018 1.337994
    Reporting 6.25 2.08125
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 3.5622272727273
    Highest 8.731
  • Products

    Overall scores
    Rank 8
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Formulation 2.966 1.483
    Profiling 5.417 2.7085
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.7987727272727
    Highest 8.427
  • Accessibility

    Overall scores
    Rank 12
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Pricing 0.625 0.3125
    Distribution 0 0
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 1.1542272727273
    Highest 6.68
  • Marketing

    Overall scores
    Rank 5
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Policy (all) 8.25 2.0625
    Compliance (all) 0 0
    Policy (children) 7.901 1.97525
    Compliance (children) 9.445 2.36125
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 3.7889090909091
    Highest 8.539
  • Lifestyles

    Overall scores
    Rank 2
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Employees 8.146 2.712618
    Breastfeeding 5.313 1.769229
    Consumers 3.281 1.092573
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.4945
    Highest 7.072
  • Labeling

    Overall scores
    Rank 7
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Facts 3.563 1.7815
    Claims 3.359 1.6795
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.3608181818182
    Highest 6.22
  • Engagement

    Overall scores
    Rank 3
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Lobbying 3.125 1.5625
    Stakeholder 7.031 3.5155
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.7793636363636
    Highest 6.25

Areas of strength

- Overall, Mars has made significant developments in its nutrition policies and practices and improved disclosure, this has led to an improved ranking on the 2016 Global Index, rising to the fifth place.
- Predominantly a confectionary business, Mars demonstrates responsibility to consumers through continual updates to its R&D activities. This is evident in Mars’ updated R&D policies and improved program disclosure between the 2013 and 2016 assessments. The company’s reformulation efforts are focused on its food segment rather than chocolate products, where the potential for improvement is limited.
- The company’s marketing code is detailed and robust and covers the key issues of responsible marketing to adults and children. Mars demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing concerns about marketing to children, which is particularly important as a major confectionery company. Mars has committed not to advertise directly to under-12s if they comprise 25% or more of the total audience; a stricter threshold than most peer companies assessed in the 2016 Global Index.
- Nutrition labeling commitments are clear and fully disclosed and many meet current global best practice. During the Index assessment process, Mars publicly reported its Fortification and Nutrient Claims Policy. This policy explains how it approaches the labeling of fortified foods and use of nutrient claims when national regulations are not in place.
- Tackling undernutrition is embedded in Mars’ core business strategy. The company has recently increased efforts to develop and market fortified products for low-income populations and developing countries.

Areas for improvement

- Mars has room for improvement in the disclosure of its nutrition efforts. Based on current disclosure, it remains unclear how nutrition issues may be formally incorporated into Mars’ assessment of its business risks and opportunities.
- Mars has a strong Nutrient Profiling System (NPS) in place, with room for additional improvement. Its tool for assessing the overall product portfolio nutritional quality covers all Mars products; however, the tool used to assess the nutritional quality of individual products and guide product reformulation is currently only applicable to Mars’ non-confectionery food division (approximately 5% of revenue). Mars could improve by expanding the scope of this system to include confectionery.
- Mars can continue to improve its disclosure on employee health and wellness programs. A selection of performance metrics are currently provided on the company website, but Mars could improve its disclosure by publishing full program performance evaluations. Such evaluations would comprehensively report on the effectiveness of the program’s nutrition, diet, and activity elements.
- Mars does not track and publish data regarding its health and nutrition claims, such as the number or percentage of products currently carrying such claims.
- Efforts to prevent and address undernutrition are still under development. Mars explicitly demonstrates an interest in tackling global health issues, including undernutrition. But disclosure is limited. Management structures are not yet evident and issues such as accessibility and marketing of fortified products to undernourished consumers are not reported. Better reporting on commercial efforts to tackle undernutrition in developing countries could help Mars improve its practices.
- Mars does not make specific commitments to focus its undernutrition efforts in higher-priority developing countries.

Improving nutrition for all

The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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