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Grupo Bimbo

Corporate Profile

6 (2013)

Corporate Profile

A Governance (12.5%)
B Products (25%)
C Accessibility (20%)
D Marketing (20%)
E Lifestyles (2.5%)
F Labeling (15%)
G Engagement (5%)
Highest score among rated companies
The percentages in parentheses indicate the weight assigned to each Category
Market capitalization
$12,963 m
# of employees
Total revenues*
$12,672 m
Reported product categories
Bakery; Confectionery; Dried Processed Food; Frozen Processed Food; Snack Bars; Savoury Snacks; RTD Coffee
Reported revenue by geography**
North America 48%, Mexico 38%, Central and South America 11%, Europe 3%
* Source: Capital IQ, USD exchange rate as of 31 Dec 2014 ** Source: Capital IQ

Nutrition general




Corporate Profile

  • Governance

    Overall scores
    Rank 6
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Strategy 5.781 1.925073
    Management 5.022 1.672326
    Reporting 3.125 1.040625
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 3.5622272727273
    Highest 8.731
  • Products

    Overall scores
    Rank 5
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Formulation 3.646 1.823
    Profiling 6.25 3.125
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.7987727272727
    Highest 8.427
  • Accessibility

    Overall scores
    Rank 5
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Pricing 3.028 1.514
    Distribution 0.468 0.234
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 1.1542272727273
    Highest 6.68
  • Marketing

    Overall scores
    Rank 10
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Policy (all) 0 0
    Compliance (all) 0 0
    Policy (children) 6.575 1.64375
    Compliance (children) 7.917 1.97925
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 3.7889090909091
    Highest 8.539
  • Lifestyles

    Overall scores
    Rank 9
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Employees 5.229 1.741257
    Breastfeeding 4.453 1.482849
    Consumers 0.967 0.322011
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.4945
    Highest 7.072
  • Labeling

    Overall scores
    Rank 9
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Facts 4.513 2.2565
    Claims 2.344 1.172
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.3608181818182
    Highest 6.22
  • Engagement

    Overall scores
    Rank 10
    Scores per criterion
    Criterion Absolute score Weighted score
    Lobbying 2.188 1.094
    Stakeholder 3.906 1.953
    Average scores
    Lowest 0
    Average 2.7793636363636
    Highest 6.25

Areas of strength

- Grupo Bimbo maintained its sixth place in the 2016 ATNI ranking. In the context of the more robust methodology and assessment used for the 2016 Global Index, as well as strong efforts by top-performing peer companies, this indicates that the company has made significant improvements.
- Nutrition is integrated in the company’s corporate strategy, with a notable focus on low-income populations. The company has identified a comprehensive set of nutrition objectives and defined managerial accountability for its nutrition strategy, which rests at the level of the executive team.
- The company reports that 80% of its product categories in developed and developing markets offer one or more healthy variants that are affordable for populations in the lowest-25% income bracket, demonstrating potentially high penetration of affordable healthy foods.
- The company has been able to provide more examples of reduced product sizes in order to limit calorie intakes than it did in 2013.
- Other significant advances since 2013 include commitments around affordability for both its healthy and fortified products and assigning managerial responsibility for the implementation of these commitments.
- Commitments and disclosure of commitments regarding the use of health and nutrition claims are also stronger. In its ‘Manifiesto Grupo Bimbo in Health and Wellness’, the company outlines a strong approach to the use of such claims, committing that they are clearly and truthfully communicated in line with national regulation, and in its absence, with Codex standards.

Areas for improvement

- Grupo Bimbo’s targets for sodium, sugars and saturated fats are focused only on specific product categories. The company should expand these to its entire portfolio.
- The company’s commitments regarding undernutrition do not target particular countries where micronutrient deficiencies are most acute. Despite Grupo Bimbo’s extensive presence in developing markets, most of the company’s action on undernutrition is focused on its home market of Mexico.
- The company’s product fortification strategy is aimed at pregnant women, children and older adults. Greater emphasis could be placed on addressing the needs of women of childbearing and children under-two.
- Grupo Bimbo’s non-commercial activities to address undernutrition remain limited and represent an area in which the company could progress.
- Grupo Bimbo supports active lifestyle programs, but does not exclude brand-level sponsorship from these initiatives. Currently, the company exercises influence over the content of the programs it sponsors. Grupo Bimbo should shift its resources to supporting independently designed and implemented programs.
- Grupo Bimbo focuses on active lifestyle programs, with little emphasis placed on programs that promote healthy eating and nutrition education. The company could better harness its active lifestyle programs to help consumers make healthy diet choices.

Improving nutrition for all

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