Access to Nutrition Index 2016

of children worldwide were obese in 2013
WHO 2015
rated in 2016 are manufacturers of Breast-Milk Substitutes
billion USD
year is needed and to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
FAO, IFAD and WFP 2015
all deaths among children are caused by undernutrition


Latest News

12 July 2016 |

As a follow up to the launch of the 2016 Global Index, a small group of our investor signatories have offered to form a steering group to develop a collaborative engagement strategy that all investor signatories will be invited to comment and collaborate on implementing.

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5 July 2016 |

On July 5th, The Vietnamese Ministry of Health in cooperation with Access to Nutrition Foundation (ATNF), Institute of Social and Medical Studies (ISMS) and Alive & Thrive Vietnam (A&T) organises a workshop on reviewing the compliances and violations of the Decree 100/2014/ND-CP on use an

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24 June 2016 |

On Friday, June 24, 2016, Inge Kauer will participate in Aspen Ideas Festival panel discussion Banishing Hunger: Inventive Strategies to Feed the World.

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Key findings

Mars and FrieslandCampina have been the fastest movers on the 2015 Global Index (Mars rose from 16th to 5th and FrieslandCampina rose from 19th to 7th).
Eight companies have improved their ranking, six have fallen, while five have remained the same and three were new additions to the 2016 Global Index.
The top three ranked companies remain the same, however the order has changed: In 2013 Danone ranked first, in 2015 the top three companies were 1 - Unilever, 2 - Nestlé and 3 - Danone.
On balance, the outcomes of the second Access to Nutrition Index show some progress, but companies have a long way to go if they are to play their full part in tackling the global nutrition crisis.
ATNI has gained widespread recognition as an independent benchmarking tool that works with industry, nutrition experts and civil society to measure companies’ contributions to improved nutrition against best practices standards and internationally agreed norms.
Given their global reach, food and beverage companies have a powerful role to play alongside governments, international organizations and civil society in helping to tackle this crisis and its grave human and economic consequences.


Health and nutrition is core to the evaluation of the food industry from both a financial and non-financial perspective.  The Access to Nutrition Index provides us with an invaluable tool with which to assess corporate strategy on nutrition, as well as helping us to deepen our dialogue with the companies in this critical area.

Helena Vinesfiestas, BNP Paribas Investment Partners

“With an estimated one in three people malnourished around the world, improving nutrition is one of our generation’s biggest global challenges – one that will require strong partnerships across both the public and private sector. When it comes to reducing malnutrition and curbing obesity, the 2015 Access to Nutrition Index clearly shows that food and beverage manufacturers have a lot of more to do.”

Senoe Torgerson, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“The Global Access to Nutrition Index is increasingly being embraced as an accountability tool by companies and investors to measure – and ultimately improve – their performance on promoting better nutrition”

Keith Bezanson, Chair of the Board of the Access to Nutrition Foundation

“Given the global reach of their products, food and beverage companies have a critical role to play in helping to tackle the growing global health crisis caused by poor nutrition. While companies have a social responsibility to act, it is also in their financial and business interests to do so as consumers worldwide increasingly demanding healthier foods.”  

Inge Kauer, Executive Director, Access to Nutrition Foundation

"The Access to Nutrition Index offers companies a comprehensive, independent assessment of how well their practices align with competitors in the food and beverage industry and provides benchmarks against which they can improve their approach to nutrition. The aim is to promote a more objective public debate and encourage companies to do more to address nutritional needs of customers."

Keith Bezanson, Chair of the Board of ATNF

“The capacities of the global food industry are not being harnessed effectively in tackling malnutrition. The Index aims to engage companies around the opportunities to make more nutritious, affordable foods available for consumers, especially the poorest.”

Marc Van Ameringen, Executive Director, GAIN

“Obesity and undernutrition affect billions of people and threaten a global health catastrophe. The Access to Nutrition Index is an urgent call to action for food and beverage manufacturers to integrate improved nutrition into their business strategies. It is not only good for public health; it is a business imperative and key to their long-term sustainability.”

Inge Kauer, Executive Director, Access to Nutrition Foundation

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