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Category A - Governance

A  Corporate strategy, governance and management

(12.5% of overall score)

A company can better sustain and scale up nutrition activities when a commitment to the issue starts at the top of the organization and is integrated into its core business strategy. Nutrition issues are then more likely to be prioritized as the company allocates resources, tracks performance and reports to its stakeholders. This Category assesses the extent to which a company's corporate strategy includes a specific commitment to improving nutrition and whether its approach is embedded within its governance and management systems.

Category A consists of three criteria:

A1 Corporate nutrition strategy

A2 Nutrition governance and management systems

A3 Quality of reporting

To perform well in this category, companies should:

Commit at Board level to address obesity and diet-related chronic diseases.

  • Set clear nutrition strategies, objectives and targets in all business areas underpinned by strategic market research.
  • Establish and use incentive and accountability structures at senior management level to reward successful implementation of nutrition strategies.
  • Demonstrate high and increasing levels of sales of healthy products.
  • Clearly and comprehensively report on activities to prevent and address nutrition-related issues and on progress against nutrition-related objectives and targets, on a global basis.

Improving nutrition for all

The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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