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Global Index 2016

Category G - Engagement

G  Engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders

(5% of overall score)

Companies can have a significant impact on consumers’ access to healthy foods by lobbying governments and policymakers on key nutrition issues and by making financial contributions to governments and lobbying bodies. This can relate to the adoption or revision of regulations on product labeling, use of nutrition content and health claims, soda or fat taxes, or, with respect to undernutrition, on import tariffs for fortified products or adoption of national fortification strategies. Transparency of these lobby activities is essential so other stakeholders can understand the positions companies are taking. In addition, constructive engagement by companies with a wide range of other stakeholders (including international organizations, civil society and academia) should be used to inform corporate nutrition strategies, policies and practices.This Category focuses on companies’ engagement with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders on corporate nutrition practices and nutrition-related issues. Companies are assessed under two criteria:

G1 Lobbying and influencing governments and policymakers

G2 Stakeholder engagement

To perform well in this Category, companies should:

  • Publish a policy on lobbying in a Code of Business Ethics, or similar format, which clearly extends to lobbying on nutrition issues.
  • Disclose fully, on a global basis, their lobbying activities, including their positions on nutrition issues and their membership and funding of industry associations and lobbying organizations.
  • Disclose any Board seats on such bodies and any potential governance conflicts of interest (or state that none exist).
  • Commit to playing an active part in supporting the efforts of developing country governments to address undernutrition, and publish examples of such activities.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive, structured approach, following the AA1000 Standard.
  • Provide evidence of extensive engagement with stakeholders to address both obesity and undernutrition on a global basis.
  • Report on how the input received through stakeholder engagement is used to improve the company’s strategies, policies and/or practices.

Changes to the methodology compared to the 2013 Global Index

  • The structure, number and wording of indicators in this Category remained practically the same as 2013. One new indicator on companies’ involvement in supporting governments to introduce policies or regulations on fighting undernutrition in developing countries was introduced in G1. One indicator on whether companies follow the AA1000 Standard to structure their stakeholder engagement was introduced in G2.

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