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Category F - Labeling

F Informative labeling and appropriate use of health and nutrition claims

(15% of overall score)

One important way to help consumers choose healthy diets and the right products for them is to provide them with accurate, comprehensive and readily understandable information about the nutritional composition and potential health benefits of what they eat. This relates to nutrition labels on the back and front of packs, nutrition claims, health claims and nutritional composition information online. Everyone can benefit from this information whether they are trying to maintain a healthy weight, lose weight, manage diabetes, hypertension or similar diet-related chronic diseases, or if they are deficient in particular micronutrients. Providing nutritional information online can also help consumers to better understand the nutritional composition of products. This Category assesses companies’ approaches to product labeling and their use of health and nutrition claims, particularly with respect to the consistency of their application across product portfolios, in different markets and their accordance with international standards. The assessment is divided into two criteria:

F1 Product labeling

F2 Health and nutrition claims

To perform well in this Category, companies should (in addition to observing national standards where they exist):

  • Adopt and publish a global policy on labeling that: 1) commits to including all key nutrients on back-ofpack labels (energy, protein, total carbohydrates, total or added/free sugars, trans fat, total fat, saturated fat, dietary fiber, sodium (or salt); 2) presents this information as a percentage of guideline daily amounts or daily values; 3) provides the information appropriately for single and multiple portions; 4) commits to providing nutritional information on the front of packs in an interpretive format; and 5) commits to label the micronutrient content of all products sold in developing countries fortified with or naturally high in micronutrients.
  • Have already rolled out, or plan to roll out, these labels across all markets and report on progress.
  • Provide nutritional information online for all products in all markets in order to enhance consumers’ access to information about what they are eating.
  • Adopt and publish a global policy on the use of both health and nutrition claims that states, in countries where no national regulatory system exists, these claims will only be placed on products if they are in full compliance with the relevant Codex standard.

Changes to the methodology compared to the 2013 Global Index

  • Some new performance and disclosure questions were added to strengthen the methodology. For example,‘In what percentage of the market has the company rolled out its full labeling policy’ and, ‘Does the company track the percentage of products that meet its healthy standards and carry healthy claims.’ One indicator assessing the percentage of products for which information is available online was moved from Category E to this Category.

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