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Category E - Lifestyles

E Support for healthy diets and active lifestyles

(2.5% of the score)

Companies can support healthy diets and active lifestyles for their own staff by providing employee health and wellness programs. In addition to other benefits, these programs can help facilitate a company culture that contributes to a greater focus on improving the company's nutrition practices. Supporting breastfeeding mothers through supportive working practices and by providing appropriate facilities is another way that companies can support those mothers to give their infants a healthy start to life. Companies can also help consumers to adopt healthy diets and active lifestyles through support for education programs.

Category E assesses the extent to which companies support efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles through three criteria:

E1 Supporting staff health and wellness.

E2 Supporting breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.

E3 Supporting consumer-oriented healthy diet and active lifestyle programs.

To perform well in this category, companies should:

  • Offer comprehensive nutrition and healthy lifestyle programs within their overall staff health and wellness programs, for all employees and their families globally.
  • Offer supportive maternity leave policies including paid maternity leave of ideally six months or more, flexible working arrangements and appropriate workplace facilities for breastfeeding mothers when they return to work.
  • Commit to support integrated, comprehensive, consumer-oriented healthy diet and active lifestyle programs and campaigns globally, developed and implemented by independent organizations with relevant expertize.

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