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Category D - Marketing

D Responsible marketing policies, compliance and spending 

(20% of overall score)

This Category captures the extent to which companies support consumers in making healthy choices by adopting responsible marketing practices and by prioritizing the marketing of their healthier products.

Category D consists of two parallel groups each with two criteria:

All consumers

D1 Responsible marketing policy

D2 Auditing and compliance with policy


D3 Responsible marketing policy

D4 Auditing and compliance with policy

To perform well in this category, companies should:

  • Develop and implement a responsible global marketing policy for all consumers that incorporates the responsible marketing principles of the ICC Framework1 and is applied equally to all media channels and all markets of operation.
  •  Adopt a comprehensive global policy on responsible marketing to children, which, at a minimum, applies to children under 12, as well as to when children make up more than 25% of a general audience.
  • Explicitly commit not to market any products to children under 12 on all media, unless the products meet the company’s definition of healthy, and should commit to use only responsible marketing techniques.
  • Commission or take part in industry-level independent audits of compliance with these policies and disclose individual compliance levels for traditional and new media.

Improving nutrition for all

The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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