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Category C - Accessibility

C Delivery of affordable, available products

(20% of overall score)

Consumers not only require healthier food and beverages to be produced, they also need them to be accessible and affordable – especially undernourished consumers in high priority countries. Companies therefore need to offer healthier options at competitive prices. They also need to be widely distributed to offer consumers a ‘level playing field’ between healthy and less healthy options. This Category assesses corporate efforts to make their healthy products more accessible through their approaches to pricing and distribution. It consists of two criteria:

C1 Product pricing

C2 Product distribution

To perform well in this Category, companies should:

  • State a clear commitment and have a formal policy and targets on both affordability and availability of healthy and fortified products.
  • Demonstrate a clear focus on low-income populations and show evidence of conducting market research to inform their strategies.
  • Apply their approach to affordability and availability across all the markets they operate in - both developed and developing.
  • Provide evidence of how they are delivering on their commitments.
  • Publicly disclose their commitments and policies and report evidence of implementing their commitments.

Changes to the methodology compared to the 2013 Global Index:

  • New indicators related to companies’ commitments in this area were added to the ATNI methodology. These indicators assess whether companies have policies committing to making healthy products more affordable and accessible, and whether they have set targets in this regard. ATNF also added improved performance indicators to better track companies’ progress.

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The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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