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Category B - Products

B  Formulation of appropriate products

(25% of overall score)

Companies can help consumers make healthier choices by improving the nutritional quality of foods made available to them. This Category addresses companies' efforts to do so through research and development (R&D), new product formulation and reformulation of existing products. It also assesses the quality of the nutrient profiling system that a company may use to guide its product formulation efforts.

Category B consists of two criteria:

B1 Product formulation

B2 Nutrient profiling

To perform well in this category, companies should:

  • Invest in research and development to improve the nutritional quality of new and existing products.
  • Define a clear approach to reformulating existing products against well-defined nutritional targets to decrease ‘negative nutrients’ (salt/sodium, trans-fat, saturated fat, added sugars/calories) and increase ‘positive nutrients’ (fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains).
  • Offer a high percentage of products within their portfolio that meet these nutritional targets and offer healthy options across all company brands.
  • Employ a comprehensive and appropriately set-up NPS that is applied to all products, as the basis for the company’s product formulation and/or reformulation efforts and its definition of healthy products.

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