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Key Findings: 

  • The highest-ranking companies on Undernutrition are FrieslandCampina, Nestlé and Unilever.
  • The five companies that increased their scores substantially on undernutrition are FrieslandCampina, Kellogg, Mondelez, Grupo Bimbo and Danone.
  • FrieslandCampina developed a new strategy aimed at addressing undernutrition and already makes a comprehensive set of commitments across the ATNI categories.

The analysis of companies' actions to tackle undernutrition in emerging markets among priority populations yielded the following findings:

  • Companies have responded positively to SDG 2 (End hunger). More companies (11 compared to eight in 2016) now commit to address undernutrition, especially through their core businesses as well as other initiatives.
  • Twice as many companies provided evidence of investing in research to develop solutions to undernutrition: The number increased from six to 12 between 2016 and 2018.
  • However, most companies’ strategies to address undernutrition are not well-structured or informed by regular, well-organized input from independent experts.
  • Only three out of 14 companies that do not sell breastmilk substitutes focus on women of childbearing age or on children under two in their commercial and/or non-commercial programs.
  • Ten companies commit to improve the affordability and accessibility of products formulated to address undernutrition in underserved population.
  • A limited number of companies (five out of 18) demonstrate a commitment to the need to develop and deliver marketing strategies appropriate to reaching undernourished populations.
  • Kellogg improved mostly because of new and more detailed disclosure of its activities.

Recommendations for improvement per Undernutrition category

Category A: Governance

  • Adopt a formal approach to address undernutrition
  • Improve the focus on priority populations and expert guidance
  • Pre-competitive collaboration on research to identify nutritional gaps
  • Better reporting on efforts to address undernutrition and the level of investments

Category B: Products

  • Commitments to develop and introduce new products to fight undernutrition are necessary
  • Implementation of tools to evaluate new innovation projects that aim to address undernutrition
  • Companies should express clearly that they will follow international guidelines for fortifying food and only fortify products of high underlying quality
  • More product formulation activities that focus on women of child-bearing age and children under two are needed

Company C: Accessibility

  • Companies need to define clear objectives and targets for making healthy food affordable and accessible to the undernourished
  • Accessibility and affordability considerations should be an integral part of a company’s undernutrition strategy
  • Exploration of new business models and approaches

Company D: Marketing

  • Companies need to demonstrate better that they are aware of the need to develop specific marketing strategies to reach undernourished consumers
  • Companies should continue and go beyond gathering consumer and market insights
  • Assessed for the first time – further develop methodology to assess performance as well

Company E: Lifestyles

  • More focus on nutritional education of undernourished consumers is needed
  • A structured approach with independently designed programs and transparency about companies’ roles

Company F: Labeling

  • All companies should commit to label fortified products appropriately
  • Clear commitments to only place health and nutrition claims on products aiming to address undernutrition when these comply with Codex guidelines

Company G: Engagement

  • Structured government engagement in developing countries where companies are present
  • More stakeholder engagement to solicit input on companies’ commercial strategies

Improving nutrition for all

The Access to Nutrition Index rates food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.


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