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Friesland Campina


Policy commitments

In September 2017, FrieslandCampina published its new policy which, compared with 2016, is even more closely aligned to the wording of The Code. The policy commitments related to Articles 5, 7, 8 and 10 are fully in line with The Code. Similar to the other companies assessed, it omits full commitments linked to WHA resolution 58.32 to provide information and labeling regarding the potential presence of pathogenic micro-organisms in its products. The company policy also has gaps in the approval of donations.

Management systems

The company’s management systems are generally strong and quite consistent. Alongside the policy update, the company updated its instructions to staff, which are now comprehensive and strongly mirror the company’s policy commitments. Since the company is currently updating its procedures and because it did not provide any evidence of having procedures in place, it did not score well in this regard.


FrieslandCampina was one of three companies to score zero on BMS 2 but its score is based only on the Nigeria assessment, as the company does not sell products in Thailand. Furthermore, only four of its products were found in Nigeria – three infant formulas and one GUM.

More details on BMS 2 can be found in the respective in-country assessment report here.

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