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Danone achieved 45% compliance with the ATNI BMS methodology. Its policy commitments (made in what it calls its Green Book and via its support for the IFM RRC) aligns reasonably closely to the Code in some areas, as indicated by its initial Corporate Profile score of 67%, further explained below. For infant formula, its policy applies worldwide (i.e. in higher and lower-risk countries) and Danone follows its own policy if it is stricter than local regulations, i.e. it goes beyond compliance with local regulations. However, this is not the case with other products. For complementary foods for infants up to six months of age, its policy applies only in higher-risk countries. In this case, it also commits to go beyond compliance with local regulations if they are weaker than The Code. With respect to follow-on formula, its policy only applies in higher-risk countries, and with respect to these products it states that, “If there is a conflict, the local laws and regulations prevail” and elsewhere, “The policy applies… unless local laws and regulations specifically allow for the promotion and advertising of such formula from the age of six months”. Moreover, Danone’s policy commitments do not apply to growing-up milks.

While Danone acknowledges the importance of The Code and subsequent WHA resolutions and states support for exclusive breastfeeding up to six months, it does not state support for continued breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond, nor does it apply its policy to joint ventures where it has a minority holding.

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