C Delivery of affordable, available products

Producing healthier options is a necessary but insufficient condition to improve consumer access to nutritious foods and beverages. Consumers also need to have access to these products. Companies should offer them at competitive prices and distribute them widely to offer consumers a “level playing field” between healthy and less healthy options.

This Category assesses companies’ efforts to make their healthy products more accessible through their approaches to pricing and distribution. It consists of two Criteria:

C1 Product pricing

C2 Product distribution

To perform well in this Category, companies should:

  • Set out a clear commitment, with measurable objectives and targets, to improve the affordability and availability of their healthy products

  • Publicly disclose their commitments, objectives and targets

  • Apply their approach to affordability and availability to all of the markets in which they operate

  • Provide evidence of ways in which they are delivering on their commitment


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