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Policy commitments

In May 2017, Abbott adopted and published a new policy. It is global in scope and the company regards it as a "minimum standard". For each market in which it operates, the company has also developed individual policies adapted to local regulations. While the new policy is better aligned with The Code, it still lacks many commitments related to WHA resolutions, wording required in informational and educational materials, commitments encompassed by Articles 6.3 and 6.4, and a pledge to collaborate with governments in their efforts to monitor the application of The Code. The wording of the policy is fully aligned only with Article 8 (persons employed by manufacturers and distributors) and Article 10 (Quality).

Management systems

Abbott’s management systems appear to be strong, comprehensive and consistently applied to all applicable markets. Compared with the 2016 assessment, the company shared more evidence regarding its management systems which contributed positively to its score. However, because Abbott’s policy does not include all the commitments related to all Articles of The Code, the related procedures are lacking. In addition, it did not score as well in relation to instructions to staff compared to some companies


Abbott achieved a score of 33% for BMS 2, reflecting a high level of compliance in Nigeria but a low level of compliance in Thailand. The company’s level of compliance with the Articles assessed by the methodology (through observation rather than recall) was significantly better in Nigeria than Thailand. Four incidences of non-compliance were identified in Nigeria in relation to four products, but 286 were found in Thailand in relation to 15 products (290 incidences of non-compliance in total, relating to 19 products).

More details on BMS 2 can be found in the respective in-country assessment report here.

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